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Bell’s palsy is a severe condition that is characterized by facial paralysis. Patients start to face the symptoms suddenly, and they can reach their peak within a short period. Patients of Bell’s palsy have the risk of recurrence of that condition.

But nowadays, you can get a lot of treatment to choose to recover from Bell’s palsy. However, before boiling down to any treatment, you should take advice from experts such as Dr. Vikas Kathuria, a leading surgeon who can help provide the best solutions as per the patient’s problem.  

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Treatment available in Bell’s palsy:

There are various treatment options available for this Bell’s palsy. 90% of patients can recover from this disease quickly. Many patients need treatment, and some others can recover without treatment also. This situation has a fantastic embodiment, and this disease has a quick recovery in maximum patients. 

Research shows that almost seventy-one percent of patients can entirely recover without medication within six months. But surgical management is needed in some cases when the disease becomes severe and prolonged and cannot manage with non-trespassing treatments.

Different treatment options available in Bell’s Palsy:

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Best Bell's Palsy Treatment Doctor in IndiaCorticosteroids: This is very much effective to give the recovery for the nerve function of your face. This steroidal therapy has to be started within three days of observing the issues. This has been shown an entire recovery in maximum patients within just 9 to 3 months if the medication began within three days of experiencing symptoms.

Best Bell's Palsy Surgeon in India Antiviral Treatments: Research has shown that antiviral treatment cannot give recovery to Bell’s palsy patients. In many cases, this disease is caused for viral injections. In that case, the patient can benefit from this antiviral therapy.

Bell's Palsy Treatment in Delhi Eye Care: During this Bell’s palsy, taking good care of your eye is very much necessary. Looks can be at risk of corneal ulcer, dryness, and corneal abrasion. An ocular dryness can also be handled in the form of ointments and drops.

Bell's Palsy Treatment Clinic in India Alternative Treatments: A patient can control the muscles of the face with the training of biofeedback. Acupuncture can give remove the irritation by activating muscles and nerves.

Best Clinic for Bell's Palsy in Gurgaon Home Remedies: A patient should go with regular physical exercise, which has to be directed by the healthcare professional.  Take the oscular drugs as suggested by the medical experts. And in the case of muscle pain, you can take over a counter analgesics like paracetamol or aspirin.

Bell's Palsy Treatment Clinic in Gurgaon Physical Treatment: Shortening and shrinking of the muscles for Bell’s palsy happen in permanent contracture. Different types of physical treatments are generally used for your quick recovery.

Sometimes, individuals might also have to go through various surgical treatments, to provide proper relief to the patient. But no doubt, usage of surgical treatment is risky, and only in the supervision of the right expert such as Dr. Vikas Kathuria should you take such decisions. 

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Bell's Palsy Treatment in Gurgaon, Delhi - India