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There are different names given to brain hemorrhage, and there is a scientific reason behind it. As explained by Dr. Vikas Kathuria, the different names are linked to location inside the skull where the bleeding takes place. Brain hemorrhage is quite a serious problem, which needs assistance by a neurosurgeon at the earliest.

What is brain hemorrhage?

The condition of bleeding that occurs in the areas surrounding the brain or in the brain itself is called brain hemorrhage. It can happen slowly or even at a sudden onset with almost no indications at all. Nearly 13% of strokes are caused due to hemorrhagic issues. 

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When the bleeding occurs inside the cranial cavity of the skull, it is known as intracranial hemorrhages. At the same time, if it takes place within the brain's tissues, it is known as intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). The bleeding can take place in between any of the three layers where the lining of the brain is present. 

Forms Of Hemorrhages 

The hemorrhages in the brain can be of different types, which are:

Best Brain Hemorrhage doctor Epidural Hemorrhage-

This is where the bleeding occurs between the skull and Dura Mater, which is a typical result of trauma due to various forces and the burst of the meningeal vessels. 

Brain Hemorrhage Treatment Hospital in India Subarachnoid Hemorrhage-

It is the condition where bleeding in the brain takes place between Pia and Arachnoid Mater. It is a typical result of the burst of aneurysms in the brain. 

Brain Hemorrhage Treatment Clinic in Delhi Subdural Hemorrhage-

These are caused mainly by an onset of trauma and bleeding amid Dura and Arachnoid matter.

Common Indications of ICH:

The most common indicators of the development of ICH among the patients are:

Brain Hemorrhage Treatment Severe headache

Brain Hemorrhage Surgery in Delhi Nausea

Brain Hemorrhage Surgeon in Delhi Stiff neck issues

Brain Hemorrhage Clinic in Delhi Seizure formation

Best Hospital for Brain Hemorrhage in Delhi Vision issues

Best Doctor for Brain Hemorrhage in India Losing consciousness

Children are equally prone to this issue and if they reflect some of the signs like vomiting, swelling in the head areas, becoming unconscious, consult a medical professional immediately. 

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Diagnosis Techniques of ICH

Due to its vast availability and easy accessibility, a CT scan is the most popular method for diagnosing this issue. For places where proper facilities are present, MRI scans are carried out to examine the condition. 

Treatment Of Hemorrhages

Depending on the location, the quantity of the bleeding in the brain, and the indications faced by the patients, the hemorrhages are treated and cured as well. 

The treatment methods include:

Best Clinic for Brain Hemorrhage Surgical Techniques-

If the patient faces widespread bleeding or displays life-threatening signs, surgical techniques are used in curing the condition. The several surgical options include craniotomy, endoscopic evacuation, duraplasty, and similar others.

Best Brain Hemorrhage Treatment in Delhi Non-Surgical Techniques-

If the signs are less severe and also the bleeding is minimal in the patient, non-surgical options opt. The patients are prescribed various high-powered medications o reduce the seizure, anxiety and relieve pain.

The condition of brain hemorrhage can be a severe life-threatening issue for the patients dealing with it. A proper cure at the right time can prove helpful in saving the life of the patient. To avoid any complications, you can get in touch with Dr. Vikas Kathuria now. 

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