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A brain tumor comes under the category of serious illness, and the individual suffering through it will require the assistance of experts such as Dr. Vikas Kathuria.

What is a brain tumor?

In simple terms, a brain Tumor is the uncommon rise of cells inside the brain tissue. It can grow directly from the tissue of the brain. And this is known as the primary brain tumor. When cancer cells are being deposited in the brain from anywhere in the body, this is known as secondary brain tumors.

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What are the main cautious signs of having this brain tumor?

Brain Tumor doctor in Gurgaon If it comes tenacious, gravity increases or is facing when you wake up, and you need to visit a doctor immediately

Brain Tumor doctor in Delhi Weakness or paralysis in the muscles

Brain Tumor Treatment in Gurgaon You will meet some difficulty in maintaining the balance or sometimes in walking also

Brain Tumor Treatment Hospital in India Dizziness, vomiting, and nausea.

Brain Tumor Treatment Hospital in Delhi Some disorder in the speech with changes in your voice

Brain Tumor Treatment Clinic in Gurgaon Facing some difficulty in vision

Brain Tumor Treatment Facing problems in taste or smell

Brain Tumor Surgery in Gurgaon Differences in the personality of an individual with a feeling of irritation

Various types of brain tumors?

Usually, Brain Tumor can be of two types- malignant or benign. Benign tumors contain cells, and they are similar to the tissue of the brain, cannot rise rapidly, and cannot impact the surrounding of the brain matter. And the malignant tumors are built with many abnormal cells, increasing and affecting the surrounding tissue. Also, it can break away from the primary tumor and spread to other parts of the spinal cord and brain.

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Is surgery the appropriate treatment for brain tumors?

The very first step to decide about the treatment is to grade and stage the brain tumor. Staging cancer provides you with the idea of the extension of cancer, the size of cancer, and how far in the brain the cancer tissue is being spread.

In benign tumors, surgery remains the centerpiece, just because surgery to remove the cancer is very much curative. The patient can have to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy depending on the extensiveness of the tumor in the case of malignant tumors.

The goals for surgical treatment in the case of brain tumors

The primary purpose of surgical treatment is to erase cancer as much as possible and relieve the intracranial pressure. Because maximum problems arise as a result of increasing the intracranial pressure that happens because there creates an extra tissue rising inside the enclosed skull’s cavity.

Brain tumor costing:

The exact cost of the surgery for the brain tumor is not standardized. It depends on the tumor location, what types of procedure the surgery needs and which kind of treatment you have to undergo, and other different factors. 

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Brain Tumor Treatment Surgery in Gurgaon, Delhi - India