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Brain stroke is one of the deadliest diseases one can suffer from which indeed needs emergency medical interference. A brain stroke can be a hemorrhagic stroke or an ischemic stroke. And in these two conditions, you have to go through different treatment options.

However, in this situation taking an expert’s help is very essential, and this is where the role of Dr. Vikas Kathuria comes into the picture – who is a leading brain stroke specialist. 

Medication option for this Brain Stroke:

Stroke treatment depends upon the various types of strokes a patient goes through. There are two types of strokes a patient goes through - a hemorrhagic stroke and an ischemic stroke. Recovery from this rehabilitation and stroke during this procedure also shapes a necessary part of this treatment process.

Medication Options for the Ischemic Brain Stroke:

Brain Stroke Treatment in Gurgaon

Different medications are managed for the patients in the case of ischemic stroke. Administration of the recombinant tissue of plasminogen animator injection is a standard treatment in such conditions. 

Usually, this injection is managed within three hours of the stroke; however, in maximum cases, this administration can be as soon as four hours within the commencement of the symptoms. Significantly Damages of the ischemic strokes reduce if that injection is handled within the specific time.

Brain Stroke Clinic in Gurgaon Endovascular System: The doctor can infiltrate the brain directly when the tPA injection is not injected within the proper time. However, the procedure period of this treatment is li9mited once the stroke symptoms of this stroke begin. The medicine is injected directly through the passage into the groin and interlacing into the brain.

Best Brain Stroke Treatment in Delhi Stent: At the time of examination, if a doctor recognizes that your artery wall has become a weekend and you have the risk of increasing further complications, he can suggest supporting the passage walls with a stent. This procedure will acierate the passage, which gets tapered and allows a proper blood flow.

Best Brain Stroke Surgeon in Delhi Surgery: Brain surgery is a very complex procedure and is also done only when the non-surgical procedure fails to remove the issue from the brain.

Best Brain Stroke Surgeon in India Thrombectomy: This is the procedure of removing the blood clots from the blood vessel of the brain. This has been done as the treatment for an ischemic stroke, and it is done with the help of a catheter.

Hemorrhagic Stroke

Best Brain Stroke Treatment Doctor in Gurgaon

The recovery treatment for hemorrhagic stroke varies a lot from the management of an ischemic stroke.

Best Brain Stroke Treatment in India Medications, clamping, coiling a patient have to go through various procedures in this case. And when all this treatment becomes failed, then the last option will be surgery.

Best Clinic for Brain Stroke in Delhi Surgery: There could be various purposes, for which surgery might be required. Dr. Vikas Kathuria primary performs surgery for the reduction of intracranial pressure which is done by draining out the excess fluids.

Best Clinic for Brain Stroke in India Stereotactic Radiosurgery: This is known to be an invasive advanced treatment for strokes. This process involves the usage of higher beam radiations. 

You do not need to worry about this disease. Because nowadays, medical science has become very much advanced to handle these types of cases. With an expert such as Dr. Vikas Kathuria, you can get effective and thorough solutions instantly. 

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Brain Stroke Treatment in Gurgaon, Delhi - India