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Epilepsy is a disease that is related to the condition of the brain. Usually, these patients face annexations for an abnormal activity of the brain. The primary symptoms of Epilepsy are dizziness, and the patient will have no control over the quaking of the limbs and sudden uncertainty. Epilepsy can happen due to many reasons. Imaginary theory and physical examination help to diagnosis this disease. Cavernous brain excites, surgery and treatment are the primary technique for the treatment of Epilepsy.

Details about Epilepsy:

Epilepsy is a persistent neurological state. In this state, the patient would face some abnormal activity in their brain. The patient with this disease faces that their awareness level becomes down and also faces seizures. The symptoms vary typically. Many patients experience slight symptoms when some patients are facing a lot of symptoms. Patients with this disease usually have attacks that can go with the loss of the bladder and bowel control.

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Types of Epilepsy:

Epilepsy can be of two types, and it depends on the number of locations of the brain with unusual activity.

Epilepsy Treatment Clinic in Gurgaon FocalEpilepsy: When someone suffers from unusual activity in a single part of their brain, it is Focal Epilepsy. This type of Epilepsy can be without consciousness and also with consciousness. Symptoms of this disease flap with another neurological kind of state.

Epilepsy Treatment Hospital in Gurgaon GeneralizedEpilepsy: This type of disease involves each brain part. And it involves atonic seizures, tonic-clonic seizures, tonic seizures, absence seizures, and myoclonic seizures.

Symptoms of this Disease:

Also, the symptoms of Epilepsy will be different in these two types of Epilepsy. But normally, the symptoms of this disease remain the same in the primary part of this both Epilepsy in some patients. Those patients can face some symptoms, which include:

Best Epilepsy Treatment in Gurgaon Loss of consciousness

Best Clinic for Epilepsy Dizziness

Best Clinic for Epilepsy in India Sudden confusion for some times

Best Doctor for Epilepsy in Delhi Loss of conscious level.

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Causes of this disease?

Epilepsy can happen due to various reasons. Some reasons you can find in the following chart:

Best Epilepsy Surgeon in Gurgaon Trauma: Patients can face Epilepsy for head trauma. Trauma can be the cause of vehicle accidents and some traumatic injuries.

Best Epilepsy Treatment Doctor in Delhi Heredity: In many cases, Epilepsy can attack due to heredity, which means it can run in the members of families. Also, it can take a crucial role in triggering seizures.

Best Epilepsy Treatment in Delhi Abnormality Development: Development of unusual behavior, like autism and neurofibromatosis, can happen in this epilepsy.

Diagnosis of these Problems:

The doctor can understand the state of these problems through the following techniques:

Neurological examination, Blood Tests, Imaging Techniques, Analytical Techniques.

Epilepsy can be cured with proper treatment at the appropriate time. There are different treatment options for Epilepsy offered by Dr. Vikas Kathuria, which include surgery, medication, vagus nerve stimulation etc.

Dr. Vikas Kathuria's post examining the situation of the patient in details, defines the right course of action and solutions which is required to treat the patient, without any side effects.

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Epilepsy Treatment in Gurgaon, Delhi - India