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Deep brain stimulation or DBS is a neurosurgical procedure which includes an electrodes implant. This electrode generates electrical simulations or impulses that treat abnormal impulses. These electrical simulations can also affect specific chemicals and neuro cells in the brain. Medical professionals use this treatment to focus on movement disorders mainly. 

Deep Brain Stimulation doctor in Delhi

Especially when the prescribed medicines are not working that well, also, the side effects of these medicines can interfere with a patient's daily life activities. Disorders of movement can be connected with many neurological conditions, such as dystonia, essential tremor, PD, or Parkinson's disease, etc.

The quantity of simulations or impulses in deep brain stimulation is managed by a device similar to a pacemaker. Surgeons place this device under the skin in the patient's upper chest. There is a wire connected with the device. It travels under the skin to reach the electrodes in the brain.

Hopeful prospects of Deep Brain Stimulation

Parkinson’s Disease

There are three kinds of people living with Parkinson's disease who usually seek deep brain stimulation for relief:

Best Deep Brain Stimulation doctor Sufferers with uncontrollable tremors for whom medicines have not been helpful.

Deep brain Stimulation Treatment in Delhi Sufferers with signs that answer will go to the medicines. But when their medications wear off, they experience terrible motor oscillations with dyskinesias despite drug modifications.

Deep brain Stimulation Clinic in India Sufferers may respond better to more frequent or higher medication doses for movement disorders. But they are restricted from doing so because of the adverse effects.

Essential Tremor

Essential tremor is the most typical movement disease where deep brain stimulation can be a good remedy. 

Especially in the unimaginably devastating cases where it restricts daily activities such as drinking, eating, shaving, dressing, and even the shaking can result in disabling. 

Deep brain stimulation can upgrade the life of sufferers with the condition because tremor is the only indication of essential tremor. The treatment can guide sufferers towards everyday life.

Best Deep brain Stimulation Treatment in India


Dystonia is a kind of rare movement disease. The signs of these disorders are twisting movements and abnormal postures. 

According to medical professionals, this problem responds well to Deep brain stimulation especially when drugs have not offered proper relief. 

The sufferer's reaction to DBS relies on the primary reasons for dystonia. Such as factors like drug-induced genetics etc. 

If the reason is not diagnosed, the medical team is probably going to run more tests. Mainly as a part of deep brain stimulation development.

Psychiatric Conditions

Some new medical research has indicated that individuals living with Tourette disorder, OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder, or depressive disorders can be relieved from this surgical procedure. 

DBS is not effective for every individual. Several variables can push back success. That is why it is essential to a concert with an ace neurosurgeon. Dr. Vikas Kathuria can provide you with the right solutions. This is because, before you opt for surgery, it is essential that you properly weigh all the pros and cons, discuss the issue with your medical expert in detail and then proceed further.

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Deep brain Stimulation Treatment in Gurgaon, Delhi - India