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Due to various external technical forces on the skull or around the scalp, it may lead to brain dysfunction and is commonly termed a head injury. Specific tremendous forces on the head may lead to severe destruction of the skull and cause head injury. This may arise from a mere bump on the head to severe fractures of the skull. 

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The injury may be either external or internal, and the treatment ranges depending on the severity of the injury. The wound may also have its repercussions by damaging the tissues, bleeding, or even death, and proper examination is required to analyze the condition. 

Indicators Of Head Injury 

Most of the time, the patients are not aware of the accident that led to this injury. Also, the symptoms are not easier to determine the condition without proper consultation and diagnosis by a medical professional.

The indications of mild head injury are:

Best Head Injury doctor Nausea

Head Injury Treatment Hospital in India Loss of balance or becoming unconscious 

Head Injury Treatment Blurred vision

Head Injury Surgery in Delhi Memory loss and lack of concentration

Head Injury Surgeon in Delhi Anxiety

Indicators of severe head injury are:

Best Hospital for Head Injury in India Losing consciousness for a prolonged period

Best Hospital for Head Injury Coma

Best Head Injury Treatment in Delhi Deep confusion regarding everyday issues

Best Head Injury Surgeon in India Numbness in the body

Causes Of the Head Injury

The injury in the head or traumatic brain can be a result of many factors, which are:

Best Doctor for Head Injury in India Relentless jolts in the skull

Best Doctor for Head Injury Damage of the brain cells

Best Clinic for Head Injury in Delhi Blasts from any explosive devices

Head Injury Treatment in Delhi Clotting of blood in the brain

Head Injury Clinic in Delhi Accidents 

Head Injury Treatment Clinic in Delhi Injuries from sports 

Treatment Of Head Injury

Patients experiencing mild traumatic brain or injury may not require surgical treatment but are prescribed various medications to treat the issue. The patients are required to be kept under the heavy guidance of the experts, and the pain is relieved through the doses of painkillers and is asked to avoid physical and cognitive aspects as well that may cause reactions to the brain. 

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However, for treating the extreme cases, the following methods are adopted:

1. Surgery:

In the extreme situation of the injury, surgery may be required in which clotting is removed, and the fractures are repaired. 

2. Medications:

To treat the complicated issues of the injury, various medications such as coma-inducing drugs, anti-seizure medicines, and similar others are given so that the bleeding is controlled and sufficient oxygen supply is reached to the brain is ensured. 

3. Therapies:

Special therapies by psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, and other professionals may be advised to treat this issue. 

Opting for the proper treatment at the correct time to cure this injury under the appropriate consultation of an expert holds much importance in treating the head injury. It is always a good option to consult a neurosurgeon in case you have an excess head injury. Dr. Vikas Kathuria is a leading neurosurgeon who has helped a plethora of people get alright to post a chronic head disease. 

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Head Injury Treatment in Gurgaon, Delhi - India