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Almost 60% of the population currently suffers from the problem of migraines. Unfortunately, not many know this, but as per Dr. Vikas Kathuria, a leading specialist in treating migraines, there can be plenty of triggers, including caffeine, alcohol, hormonal changes, physical triggers, artificial sweeteners, medications, weather changes, lifestyle changes, etc. 

What is a Migraine?

A migraine is a kind of headache that can create a significant pulsing sensation or a throbbing pain. It usually stays on one side of the brain. Sometimes it is accompanied by extreme sensitivity to sound and light vomiting, and nausea. A migraine strike can last for a few hours to days. 

The pain in this kind of scenario can be exceedingly terrible. The severity can also affect the individual's regular Lifestyle activities. For some individuals, a warning sign commonly acknowledged as an Aura happens with or before the headache. The aura can involve a few visual disruptions, such as blind spots and flashes of light.

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There are other interferences such as difficulty speaking and tingling sensation in one leg or arm or one side of the face. Medicines can help make the attacks less painful and even put a stop to them. The correct medication paired with changes in lifestyle and a few self-help treatments can help.


Migraines have no age limit. It can affect adults, teenagers, and as well as kids. The process of this headache can involve stages like prodrome attack aura and postdrome. Note all the individuals who experience migraine issues go through all these stages.

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A Day or two before the migraine Strikes, individuals can observe minute changes. These are the indications of a nearing migraine attack. Which involves:

Migraine Treatment in Delhi Frequent yawning
Best Migraine Surgeon in GurgaonFluid retention
Best Migraine Treatment in Gurgaon Increased bathroom breaks
Migraine Surgery in Delhi Stiffness in neck muscles
Best Clinic for Migraine in Delhi Certain food cravings
Best Doctor for Migraine Mood swings from Euphoria to depression
Best Doctor for Migraine in India Constipation issues


For some individuals, it can happen during or before migraines. Auras are fickle indications of the Neuro System. 

These are typically optical but may also involve other interference. Every indication generally starts slowly and builds up over a few minutes. 

It can potentially last up to an hour. Cases of migraine aura involve:

Migraine Treatment Hospital in Gurgaon Difficulty speaking
Best Clinic for Migraine in Gurgaon Numbness or weakness in the facial region
Best Migraine Treatment Doctor in Gurgaon Needling or pinning sensations in the legs or arms
Migraine Surgeon in Gurgaon Vision loss
Best Hospital for Migraine in India Optical circumstances such as Flashes of light or bright spots, seeing different shapes.


The migraine strike typically lasts from 5 hours to 3 days if it is not treated. How often these strikes are taking place varies from individual to individual. Migraines may Strike many times in a month or can happen rarely. 

While a migraine strike is going on, the individuals may experience:

Best Migraine Surgeon in India Vomiting and nausea
Best Migraine Treatment Doctor in India Extreme sensitivity to some touch, smells, bright light, and noise
Best Migraine Treatment in India Pain that pulses or throbs
Migraine Clinic in Delhi Pain is typically on one particular side of the head but can happen on both sides

After the migraine Strike, individuals can feel washed out, confused, or drained for many hours. Some individuals may also feel happy. Abrupt movements of the head can bring back the migraine headache for a short time.

Dr. Vikas Kathuria Offering Effective Migraine Treatment:

There are plenty of treatments for migraine, which could be either for reliving the pain or for preventing future migraine attacks. You can reach out to Dr. Vikas Kathuria to get yourself tested and get effective migraine solutions instantly. 

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Migraine Treatment in Gurgaon, Delhi - India