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Neck pain is quite joint these days as most people are hooked to their devices. People can get pain anywhere from their neck to shoulder.

The pain can either be persistent or temporary, like when one turns their head from one side to another. It also leads to a lot of discomfort and frustration to you as simple actions lead to pain. Several factors cause pain, and it can lead to abnormalities in any structure of your neck, like muscles or venerable. Degenerative disc disease is one of the most common causes of neck pain. 

Things to know about cervical spine surgery:

The surgeries of the Cervical spine are a type of surgery that is performed in the cervical spine's area which helps in preventing catastrophic damage to the spinal cord, which may lead to several harsh consequences.

The main aim of the surgery is to relieve spinal cord pain or nerve compression, and spinal fusion surgery is done to correct the spinal instability. Cervical spine surgery is mainly caused due to injuries to the vertebrae, which makes up the cervical spine due to trauma or weakening of various bones due to invasion or infection to your bones that lead to vertebral fractures. 

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Tips to prepare for cervical spine surgery:

It can be challenging to prepare for cervical spine surgery, but you don't need to stress as you can find almost all the details here. You need to discuss all the medications if you take any doctor's advice for various conditions, including hyper diabetes. It would be best if you stopped smoking before you go for cervical spine surgery. Furthermore, you need to get cardiology to check up and fitness. Finally, you shouldn't forget to follow the doctor's instructions or advice like you must fast for 8 hours before your surgery and take any premedication if needed. 

Some possible risks of cervical spine surgery:

After the surgery, it could be possible that your nerves are damaged, and also esophagus can be damaged, which can pose challenges in swelling. In addition, there might be some blood clots formed in the surgical area. 

Cervical Spine Surgery in Delhi

Is the surgery successful?

Cervical spine surgery has an excellent prognosis if the condition isn't challenging and has several perks. On the flip side, there can be some failures. The surgeon can decide if the surgery is needed or not. Before the surgery, the experts will do MRI Cervical Spine and Xray Cervical spine to understand the surgery’s success.

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One of the biggest concerns people have is whether they should undergo cervical spine surgery or not. Any two people suffering from the same problem might undergo two different treatments and this is where Dr. Vikas Kathuria helps in deciding which treatment is best. Discussing in length with your medical expert about the pros and cons of different treatments will help in eliminating the side effects.

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Cervical Spine Surgery in Gurgaon, Delhi - India