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There are plenty of factors which could lead to brain aneurysm. One surely is the genes, but other external factors include smoking cigarettes, usage of drugs such as cocaine, excessive alcohol consumption, etc. Dr. Vikas Kathuria strictly prohibits all of this.

What is brain Aneurysm Repair?

Brain Aneurysm doctor in Delhi

The situation in which the weak spots on the walls of the blood vessels of the brain cause lack in the supply of blood and leads to bulging or swelling up of the area is called a brain aneurysm, also commonly known as a cerebral aneurysm. Over time, the vessels become thinner and feeble with the continuous flow of blood in the region.

Ultimately, when the pressure gets higher and beyond control, the aneurysm bursts leading to sudden bleeding into the brain tissues. In this case, immediate medical help should be taken as this is a medical emergency. 

Warning Signs of Having A Brain Aneurysm:

Patients experiencing the signs of aneurysms might be due to the existence of the aneurysm or a burst of the same.

There are various symptoms or common signs that can warn you about the possible presence of this damage inside the patient, which are:

Best Brain Aneurysm doctor Headaches around similar specific areas keep deteriorating over time

Brain Aneurysm Treatment in Delhi Blurred vision or vision impairment issues

Brain Aneurysm Treatment Hospital in Delhi Numbness or feeble experience around any part of the body

Possible Ways of Repairing Brain Aneurysm 

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Depending on several factors like the location, type, patient’s age, and others, the doctor decides how to repair the issue. These are:

1. Surgical Clip Method

This procedure is given different names relying on the area of the aneurysm. The leading surgeon vacates a part of the skull and positions a metal clip to reduce blood supply in the area. 

2. Stream Diverters

This modern technique when compared to other techniques is less risky. These diverters replicate the implants that divert the discharge of blood in the area and help in healing or repairing this region, and help treat giant aneurysms. 

3. Endovascular Repair

This technique works as the aneurysm is accessed through the groin, where an incision is made, and a catheter is passed to place a platinum wire to cut blood flow. 

All the techniques are equally effective in treating this severe issue. They are most commonly used as surgical methods opted by the doctors and other non-surgical methods like proper diets, exercises, prevention of smoking, and similar others. 

Risk Associated With The Repair

The repair surgery may bring specific other effects like:

Brain Aneurysm Surgery in Delhi Infection in the area

Brain Aneurysm Surgeon in India Swelling of the brain

Brain Aneurysm Clinic in India Visual issues

Best Hospital for Brain Aneurysm in Gurgaon Blood clots in the brain

The stay after the surgery generally takes around 2 to 7 days and about six weeks to return to normal situations. Proper checkups and monitoring of the condition of the issue will ensure the speedy recovery of the patient after the repair surgery.

If you are suffering from a brain aneurysm, then it is essential that you get in touch with a professional specialist such as Dr. Vikas Kathuria, who would leave no stone unturned in helping you get alright by providing you with effective solutions.

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Brain Aneurysm Treatment in Gurgaon, Delhi- India