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Thanks to our fast-paced lifestyle, back pain is quite joint these days, especially in aged people. Be it poor posture or lack of exercise, back pain is caused due to several factors, and the treatment also largely depends on the cause and the severeness.

80% of the people today, be it youngsters or elderly people are suffering from the problem of back pain. Hence, one should not take the problem of back pain lightly. Instead visit Dr. Vikas Kathuria who could guide you about the remedies, which will give your back pain relief.

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Factors that trigger back pain:

When one starts aging, the back pain issues start getting worse it is because the muscles tend to lose their elasticity and bone strength also decreases with age. Furthermore, when the spine fails its cushioning elements due to wear and tear, back pain is triggered easily. If one smokes often, it is apparent that back pain will start early as it ceases the body's calcium level and prevents bone growth. Additionally, smokers have a risk of osteoporosis. Lack of workout can worsen the back pain in no time due to minimum flexibility of muscles. Lastly, improper lifting is also a common risk element for back pain.

How is back pain caused?

Osteoporosis is a leading factor that causes back pain and under this bone become weak or porous, which leads to compression fracture and tends to cause back pain. At times when one is into heavy weight lifting, they suffer from muscles or ligament tear, which leads to back pain. Lower back pain occurs due to inflammation in bones or joints.

A bundle of spine nerves known as Cauda equina is located at the spine's lower end, which causes back pain when it is damaged. Shingle is an infection that is generated in the spinal nerve that leads to painful blister one's skin. Under this condition, patients tend to have a burning sensation in the affected area. The disk is located in the spinal vertebrae and is a cushion-like material. When the nerve is compressed, it might cause back pain. Lastly, spine cancer can also be one of the significant causes of back pain.

Best Doctor for Back Pain in India

Treating back pain:

Doctors prescribe some medicines depending on the back pain type. Besides that, physical therapy and exercise are recommended to reduce back pain. Physical therapists can help you with various treatments which can relieve back pain.

Best Back Pain Treatment Doctor in Delhi Bioelectric treatment is one of the standard therapies recommended by physical therapists under which the expert will apply a bioelectric current to keep the pain signals at bay. As a result, you might feel relaxed during the treatment as the pain might decrease.

Best Doctor for Back Pain in Delhi Laminectomy is known to be a surgical process, which helps in relieving the compression caused to the nerves. This is a very active back treatment offered by Dr. Vikas Kathuria, to help patients recover faster.

When it comes to choosing the treatment for your back pain, you should take the advice of an experienced medical professional like Dr. Vikas Kathuria. As he can weigh all the pros and cons, and accordingly help you with your problem. 

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Back Pain Treatment in Gurgaon, Delhi - India