Best Neurologist in Rohtak

Best Neurologist in Rohtak

Dr. Vikas Kathuria- Neurosurgeon in Rohtak

Dr. Vikas kathuria is the Best Neurologist in Rohtak and also the Best Spine Specialist, Neuro Surgeon, Head and Neck Specialist in Rohtak and surrounding areas. He is also the founder of Skin Aura Brain and Spine Neuro Center, Gurgaon. He has treated a wide variety of neurological conditions including brain tumors, stroke, spinal cord injuries, epilepsy, headache and migraine, Parkinson's disease, and other neuromuscular disorders.

Neurological diseases are caused due to abnormalities in the nerve cells and their connecting pathways. There are various reasons and conditions which can cause neurological disorders. Some common causes of a neurological disease include Trauma and Injury, Birth defects, Infection, Cancer, Poisoning, and Stroke.

Dr. Vikas Kathuria has completed, his graduation and post-graduation from PGI Rohtak, He is a highly experienced and expert surgeon and is widely known and trusted by many people.

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